Best Earning App Payment Bkash in 2023

Best Earning App Payment Bkash in 2023

There are many apps in the app store to do this job for you. Though, if you want to trust this app, you have to take decisions from the following few lines. These apps are time-consuming and give you some money. The apps can be trusted but you have to see the amount of effort you are going to give into these apps. These apps are user-friendly and you have to calculate the amount of time that you are going to put into it and the outcome that you are going to get. Your decision should be on the outcome margin from your given effort.

The apps which I am going to show you all have almost same procedure. You need a cell phone with internet connection. These connections should better be ran on the wi-fi. Instead that, you would not be able to expect a basic net profit. If you want to do it on your cell phone, it is okay from any part of the country. With the great reach of the internet throughout the country, the country citizen have enough opportunity to expand on the online sector.

Though, it is always better to learn the job or service with attention and preciseness. That can give you 10 times higher income than the average apps. With continuous learning, you might be able to get a reach of $3- $5K salary and also it might fall down to 10 dollars per month. The different processes and different approaches can take us to higher limit or give a leisure time income. Albeit, if you accumulate your leisure and effort into a guided direction, you can expect a success.

You can also find many apps from google play store by searching with money earning or money earning by watching ads. Though, for the new people, it is very much easy to go into the wrong app and might waste a huge amount of time. There are few aps listed beneath from which you can 

Taka Inkam

For the users to know that, I have never been associated with earning from this app but tested and found that, it is not fitting my salary rage by a rough estimation. You can see the reward and calculate the amount of return with this market and then can spend your time for this app. All these apps can give you two thousand to three thousand taka per month for a continuous or cumulative effort of 5-6 hours.

But have tested the option to estimate the outcome. It can give you money as it is seen from the play store review and you have to keep logging in every now and then. Your other services could be like watching ads or doing some petty jobs. You have to constantly do this to expect a revenue. It is for the very few people who are suffering hunger and can get reach to some rich people’s wi-fi. In villages, if some children can not do something, they can do this for a little help in sustenance. See the other parts to know more about money earning by apps.


Toloka is a chinese platform to work on. It is not hard for someone to get an account in this platform and start the work right away. You have to make some basic videos on this platform which is easy and doable from any part of the country. Though, everyone has to remind that, you can make only one account on it. This could give you some money. You are also eligible to get reward or money amount for watching ads or filling up surveys.

The main challenge is to maintain the quality of work and delivering in the right language. These apps are time consuming and you do not get a huge reward from your work but atleast it give some money for people in need. You have to have the ability to process your work in English language. Though, the quality or standard of the language in this app is not very much challenging. Also, you can earn some bucks for making tutorials.


The dentavox app is a health related app. You do not get large bucks but you can enjoy your time, learn something and can know about working procedures. This app has tests on which you always have to be careful about your previously given answers. Because many of the surveyors give haphazard answers. To reduce this inefficiency, the questionnaire has been organized in such a way that questions at some length, ask about the previous question topic.

For this reason, you have to be very cautious while filling up the surveys. The surveys are easy and are mainly related to oral care. It also questions about health factors but the main topic always related to the safety of gums and teeth. Few students can also practice the surveying process or making a questionnaire or patience from this app. You have to take help of a lawyer or government finance corporation, to get this money.


Appen is an american app and you have the opportunity to work on appen from Bangladesh as a legitimate surveyor. You can open only a single registration on appen. The surveys get paid as per the language or as per the quality of survey. The biggest hindrance of this app is, the app does not always have proper jobs in BD. You have the opportunity to work freely if you have a survey available.

Payment Process

Many Bangladeshi people think that, payment processing is a huge job. But you can take the help of an international debit card. You just have to open the website or app to register with your email address and personal data. Later you have to open a bank account with your personal information. Whenever the money comes to the bank, you can take it through Bkash. The most important thing about international banking is putting the right information at each website, bank and other documents.

Many people try to earn from the apps but very few can make it to success. It can not be a career option for someone who is living in a small world country. They can merely find a meager few bucks and that might result in frustration. The young nation should be given other ways to earn money. They can learn a specific skill to serve. They can also see their chances in academics and the real world to gain their trust in themselves.

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