Earn Money Online BD Apps 2023

Earn Money Online BD Apps 2023

There are many easy earning opportunity has opened in Bangladesh in recent times. Within last few years, many delivery services and other hospitality apps have gained a lot of exposure within people. Many smart people from Bangladesh are earning money through this app.

These apps can pay those individual Bangladeshi citizen a lot of money or some decent amount of money. The people can achieve a moderate or wealthy lifestyle through online apps or platforms or services. This article is all about your services to the apps and your decent earning processes. You can follow until the last of this article to know about all possible options for you to earn money.


Uber is a user-friendly app in Bangladesh for shared rides or solo rides. The app is more famous within Dhaka, Chittagong and other few cities. Anyone who wants to earn from Uber, has to have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle in proper fit condition. The driver and the vehicle both have to obtain a government certified papers. Moreover, the individual has to be in those chosen cities where Uber services are available.

You have to check whether your city fall within the range of uber. You can check this data from Uber app. If you are in that city, you do not have any problem and can start right away. Though, if you are living in a different city, then you have to move to those designated cities with your bike to provide service. You have to submit all your papers in Uber office to verify your credibility. If you are living in Dhaka, you can earn more than 30,000 taka from your bike drive and more than 50,000 taka from your car or automobile.


Daraz is one of the largest online shopping site in Bangladesh. You can easily join Daraz to earn some money. The payment is not that high but you can atleast manage a job for yourself. Daraz seeks deliveryman to parcel their products. These products can be ordered by customers from all over the country. Anyone from anywhere in the country can order and ask their product home. As Daraz promises to deliver all over Bangladesh, they need many delivery men.

You can download the daraz app for free from the google play store and app store. This is an open way for people to get the job easily. They also have other jobs at different locations. You have to reach their career section from website to know about all open positions. Recently Daraz has been under the governance of Alibaba (dot) com from China. For this reason, you have a fair chance to showcase your abilities and get chosen as per your performance. You have to be consistent on the job to get satisfactory job time span.


Pathao is another app which give people a lot of opportunity to get services around a lot of areas. Pathao can be used for ride sharing, grocery deliver or online product delivery. This app is very popular at rich cities. If you are not from a rich city, you have to move to rich city for higher product delivery opportunities. If you are from some small city in Bangladesh and if you have pathao services in your city, you can also join from there.

If you think that, you are not getting enough responses from the city and you need a higher earning, you can go to Dhaka or some other divisional cities to earn higher. You might also be paid on monthly basis. You can know their recruiting process while you are being appointed. It may differ from city to city and may differ as per your job. If you are serving under the ride sharing option called pathao drive, you might be paid as per your service where a normal delivery men is supposed to get paid on a monthly basis.


Bkash agent services along with other usual telecom services can give you money. Though, you can also be paid from Bkash app. You have to register to Bkash with authorized bank account and other credentials. Upon successful registratration under Bkash company, you can run your solo business by bkash. You have a large set of opportunities and to grow a versatile business by bkash. You can process cell phone recharge as an agent.

This can give you a subtle income. Moreover, you can send money to other customers of bkash and this can give you a return from the company. The payment from Bkash is not very high but if you accumulate all the services wisely, you can sum up the money to earn a good income flow. Most of the people choose a small shop to gain good earning from Bkash. It does not require a lot of money but poor people can earn some money for their children and family by a small amount of investment.


Microworkers is a huge working platform to earn money from. The money is not very much in other countries but for Bangladesh, it can make a difference within the living style. People can earn doing very small tasks. These tasks are pretty simple and easy to complete. Your working knowledge is not that much required but if you have simple internet knowledge, you can make a living out of it. Though, you have to work patiently and with proper attention.

The working process is easy. You have to do some basic form fillup or registration or commenting or other tasks in order to get paid. The app is free over the app store and google play store. It would be good for a Bangladeshi citizen to earn some money with a small amount of learnings. You do not have to invest even one taka to earn from microworkers. You just have to create an account on microworkers with legitimate information and earn wisely with your effort. You do not have to think about skills but only your subtle amount of work can pay you money.


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