Captcha Jobs Daily Payment Without Investment in 2023

Captcha Jobs Daily Payment Without Investment in 2023

Captcha entry is a very easy job and doable from any part of Bangladesh. Many people have earned small to big bucks from deprived situations. These are just images with letters and you have to put it into the captcha input box in right manner and sometimes with uppercase or lowercase maintenance. That means, if the letter on the image is on capital, you have to put the word as capital input. If it has a number or lowercase letter, you just have to entry it as per you see in the image.

Online Captcha Entry Work Without Investment Daily Payment 2023

If you think that, you do not understand the captcha or that image do not bear a captcha, you are free to select “not understandable” or “this image does not contain any captcha” option. I am mentioning few websites from which you can earn money. You have to give a decent amount of time for earning and you can use mobile phone internet as well. It always does not need a wi-fi and also you can do it without investing a single dime.


Kolotibablo (dot) com is one of the most trusted app or website within the captcha entry sites. It pays you money but it comes at a huge price of your precious time. You need not to invest any money for this site, rather the site or app would pay you. But, the payment is relatively low than other captcha sites. The payment might start from $0.35 to $1.0 or sometimes higher per set of 1,000 captchas. This is an indian site and pay you timely money.

If you do not put a lot of effort and time in this app or website, you can not make a good amount of money. Sometimes it might seem tedious and you have to be always careful while an entry of a captcha. You can not afford to make a lot of mistakes while doing your job. You have to wait patiently while reloading a new captcha sometimes.

Though, you can wait for the prime time when the rate goes higher to earn a bit more money or up to double may be. If you want to gain more money, you can work during the western timeline to get a higher rate. Also, if you are free during the daylight, you can proceed with your work. It can give you some extra money and you would have the regularity for the best outcome.

Captcha Earning Apps Without Investment

captcha work without investment daily payments


2Captcha is a good acknowledgement in the data entry or captcha entry sector. You have to open an account there with your email id and you can start filling up captcha. The payment rate in captcha websites or platforms are based on 1,000 accurate data input. You can get banned for wrong captcha entry. If you make few errors, you might get banned for a temporary period. If you do it on a continuous basis, you would not be able to work in 2Captcha again.

The errors before your payment withdrawal can be very crucial. These captcha sites have one common problem which is you can get banned for no reason or petty reasons sometimes. Though, you can open a new account but it is recommended that, you should check the trustpilot score or glassdoor review.


Protypers is an app where you would get paid but the payment rate can go very low sometimes. It is indeed a legitimate website and app to earn from. You can join in anytime for your work and start right after the registration procedure. You have to wait for the right time to work or else, you might not get enough earnings. Though, the payment rate might rise while working even. The captcha entry system is as general as other captcha entry sites.

Captcha Entry Work with Daily Payout

online captcha entry work without investment daily payment app


This site offer a straight amount of money for each accurate 1,000 captchas. There are two better options for processing the transaction of your money to any kind of mobile transaction method or bank payment. You can use the payment processing sites like payza or perfect money. They would pay you timely. If you see any inconvenience, you can take the help of any money processing services or third party legitimate money processing websites. You have to save your data carefully and always have to put the right data as per your National ID Card or Passport.

Fast Typers

Fast Typers is tough to join. In order to join fast typers, you need to have an activation code. It would be much better if you can find the invitation code from any of your friend. Because, your friend would get a percentage of your income without reducing any of your money. You can also obtain the activation code from some website or forum.

It provides a subtle rate for captcha completion. For applying in these captcha sites, you might need a photo identity card or National ID Card of Bangladesh. Few of the sites also grant your driver’s license as your validation credential. Though in long run, it would be much better to learn some more skills from youtube for free.

Rules and Benefits

Captcha typing jobs are very easy to complete and you can make more than $50 per month if you do the job with good attention. Your regularity and continuous hard work can give you at least some amount of money. It is not mandatory but you can also download the app from each individual website for working on you mobile or desktop. In the desktop version, you have the liberty to solve 2 captchas simultaneously for more earning.

In this case, you have to maintain high accuracy. You can choose simple captcha entry or image solving or both together. You have to be determined before jumping into the job and can not loose hope at some point. Captcha entry is a kind of laborious job. This is mostly done by those, who are in desperate need of some money. Please, do not misunderstand but while doing the job, you would feel pressure.

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