How To Earn Money Daily Online Without Investment in 2023

How To Earn Money Daily Online Without Investment in 2023

For earning money daily, you have to be consistent. If you want to have the flow of money everyday, you have to be put diligent effort over your work. Though it is possible to earn some small bucks daily, but it would not be proper for your convenience. Though it is a reminder that, you need to earn on a constant basis but not on daily basis.

Though, there are options for earning on a daily basis. For withdrawing your money daily, you have to learn a skill. If you do not have a skill, you can put your effort for the platform or the client; so it makes your credit score high and there is opportunity for you to withdraw your money on a daily basis. In this article, I am going to show you the best method to earn money daily without any type of investment over your phone or over your computer device.


You can earn daily money from Fiverr. It is a very high rated freelancing platform and anyone from Bangladesh or other country can earn through fiverr. The success on this platform or the possibility of earning money with legitimate job depend on your availability at the platform simultaneously with your good services. A lot depend on the Gig description and Gig presentation. Your Gig refer to the subject or give an overview to the clients about the area of service, you are intended to put on this platform to the buyers.

The clients can choose your gigs and hire you for a job. It needs good communication skill on which you can settle up the contract. Upon successful contact establishment, you would get hired for that project. If you get hired for the project, you would be given a specific deadline for that job. If you can not complete the job within that time, you definitely would be kicked out of the project only if you do not have asked for an extension from the client.

After finishing the job, you have to upload your credentials of job success. Then, the client would pay you your stated amount and provide a feedback on your job. You have to accomplish good feedbacks on your job to make a good career from it. If you can not successfully hold good feedbacks, the next clients would not hire you.

So, you have to wait with patience, complete the jobs and have to continue getting good feedbacks. If you are not getting jobs on a continuous basis, you should go to the buyers request section to send contract proposal directly to the client. You can discuss about job prospects and your relevant skills to get a response from the clients.


Clickworker is a company which is situated in USA. It runs many kind of survey questionnaires to know about the choice of people. When some company get to know about the preference of some individuals or a group of individuals, they can set the advertisement preference. Not every survey are based on this only model but there are more other issues that get solved through the surveys. Surveys hold a large set of data over a specific region or country or a purpose.

If the right intent of the survey is understood, you can estimate about the outcome of this survey from a specific company’s points of views. This information give you the credibility to get a trust on the payment of this app. Clickworker has a decent amount of pay rate. It is a must to complete the UHRS test to get allowed in the Clickworker platform. UHRS stands for universal human relevance system.

Many people might think that, Clickworker UHRS test is hard which is not true at all. It is a small test so that any artificial intelligence service can not get into earning money. Upon successful completion of your UHRS test, you would be eligible to do tasks on Clickworker. Though many third world or underdeveloped countries do not have the opportunity to get enough surveys. You have to check whether your country has enough job available or not.

If your location does not enable you to take part in surveys, you can change your location. Though clickworker pay through paypal but you can also use payoneer as a payment method. Bangladeshi people do not get enough jobs on clickworker and they can not make a living from it. They have to move to abroad for earning from this thing or they can use their contact to establish a computer system at the western country from where they can do the job via teamviewer or other remote control services. The payment processing has to be also on the person’s name who is living in abroad.

Secret of Earning Money Without Investment

It is not always about money when you want to earn online. Online jobs are also like a service. You do not need to invest on it. Though, it need something else to invest but not money. It needs the investment of your time. You have to put a large time span on the subject area and have to learn about the procedures to complete a job. You need to have good communication skill to make your clients agree to accept your services.

You have to be dedicated towards your job. This dedication is a huge sacrifice and need a great amount of your time. These are passive investment. Putting your money on invest is not the proper way to get a job. Yes, many people do betting but that is not considered as earning money online or freelancing. This is completely a vague system where you have all the rights to loose all your investment. Legit earning sites do not want your money, they need skilled worker. If you can put your effort to the full force and make good use of your learning, you have the possibility to make a career from earning money online.

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