Earn Money By Watching Ads in Bangladesh 2023

Earn Money By Watching Ads in Bangladesh 2023

It is very easy to earn money from Bangladesh by watching ads. It does not need any type of investment but only your cell phone can give you money by bkash, rocket or nagad. It is to remind that, the ads come with a reasonable amount of data. For this purpose, if you are using cell phone data from your phone, you would loose more than you can earn. So, it would be a best option for you to use a broadband internet or a shared wi-fi connection.

You have to keep a lot of consistency while watching ads and you have to do it for a longer period of time. It can take a test of your patience. Follow along the article to know about money making option from watching ads in Bangladesh. You can earn money from any corner of Bangladesh and from home, it does not require you to sit in an office or go to any place for earning money.

AdsTube – Earn Watching Ads

It is an app from which you can earn money. It pay you for watching ads on a constant basis. You have to watch the ads for hours. It might need you to watch about thousands of ads to earn money. If you can watch ads straight for hours without interruption, you can expect some amount of money. It has a good rating of 4.9 (out of 5.0) on google play store. Many people has given good rating on google about this app but there are also people who are not totally satisfied with it.

The payment rate is different from country to country because each country has some specific ads and those ads have a limited revenue to earn from the viewers. This lead to a discrimination between payments from country to country. I am not saying that, you can not earn money from this app but you have to think that, if it is enough worthy of your time or not. Payment per 1,000 ads ranges from $1- $2.95. This payment range can give you an idea or overview about your income.


Chingari is an indian app. The app pays the users for watching videos of different platform. In this app, there is also opportunity to make short videos to earn money. It does have a fair score on google play store. The rating of Chingari is 4.4 (out of five). Though, in recent times, there has been a lot of talks about chingari. Shyamu S. from india said that, he has uploaded numerous videos and struggling to get payment.

This does not sound right somehow. Another regular user named Ansari A. has mentioned that, he reached the transaction threshold but suddenly the app is asking him to buy a 20K INR in order to process his badge. These things does create a question about credibility of the app. If the app has stated a minimum withdrawal amount, they should pay it and then ask the user to earn a badge but they can not hold their money.


Toloka is a money earning site from China. This country has a huge amount of data to collect from people. From which they can redirect their business to a new direction or give it a proper direction. This process is a huge success to their business and industry growth. They can guide their financial projects from raw material production end. They are very much sincere about their materials. They guide their farmer manufacturing and the whole metal related industries into a right process to gain the highest amount of net return with security.

Toloka app is very good in terms of teaching. Their teaching with adequate style is very much helpful for people of similar group. Their payment rate is also quite good. You just have to put your time into it and it can create some difference in your life according to your living country or living standard simultaneously. This app is completely free and you can download it from app store or google play store. You do not need to invest any money whatsoever. You just have to connect your financial transaction method with the app with your registered credentials.

Cash Em All

CashEmAll is an online gaming platform. You have to play with no invest. You just need to play a simple game there. It can give you some small bucks but you have to paly patiently one game for a longer period of time. It mostly pay on paypal but if you can let the developers message about your payoneer account, they might check your credit score and would agree to send you money to another international payment processing debit card.

In this game, a coin falls from top and it fall on a carpet. After each second, there is a ladder which pushes the coins forward. If the coin falls off the mat while reaching the basket, you can not earn. You can shake the mat also to put few coins into the basket for more earning. There are some more coin range, like small or big. Also, you have time when you can get additional coins or large coins. These coins do not mean original money but you would be given a credit score from the game which is converted into dollar amount.

Adequate learning

It is a very simple thing that people can learn from the apps that, the app developer are not that rich. They have to rely on ads. The take most of the part of the ads revenue and deliver the rest to people. The most crucial thing is, if an app show ads only; the app can not run for a long time. Because, the companies who show ads; they can not spend for a long time if the users are not worthy enough to buy their products.

And in most of the cases, the apps pay you a petty amount of money. It can take a time like 6 hours per day from you and can give you 2,000 to 3,000 taka per month. If you think, you are okay with this income, please go forward with these aps. It is much better if you can.

It is much much better for you if you can learn a skill like data entry, data processing, data engineering, data input, online shopping list input, transcription, article writing, blog posting, captcha typing, problem solving, etc.


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