Earn Money Online Without Investment By Typing in 2023

Earn Money Online Without Investment By Typing in 2023

When the matter is related with online earning, you do not have to invest even 1 taka for your legitimate earning. The only thing that matters is choosing the right websites, platforms and apps. Typing is a good way to earn money on the internet. If you follow this article, you can know about earning money online without investment by typing. The later part of the essay contains transaction procedure which is very important for a newbie to learn, as there are very few data on the internet about this process.


Contently is a great website to earn money by typing. The platform’s wage is very high and any contently writer can earn the living of US standards. Mainly contently is an online platform where writers showcase their skills in writing and previous written documents or articles to attract customers. The right clients know the quality of work and choose their suitable content writer from contently. Editors of contently frequently hire writers from their own platform.

The salary range of contently is top-notch. Every word of writers count on contently. General payment rate often varies as per the quality of the content writers’ ability to produce great writings. The range of payment here is based on words. On an average, a contently writer gets $380- $630 per 400- 700 words. If you are a story writer, you get even higher payment. The story or novel writers are paid $570- $890 for 400 to 700+ words.

You need to make sure that your grammatical preciseness is on top of the shelf. Though not only grammatical preciseness which gives you the money. Meticulous writing skill, holding the attention of your reader, producing high quality content, showing the depth of knowledge are the things that can give you high bucks. You have to value your client and editors with proper responsibility. If you are from such a country where you do not have the access to paypal, you can provide your payoneer particulars to the clients. They can use paypal transaction method to transfer the money into your payoneer account.

Text Broker

Text broker is a great platform for people of the developing nation. It is a great place for newcomers where they can get great money for their effort. It can be a career changing option for any of the writers struggling in other industries. Look, it is very easy to put, you have gone through a learning period in study if you are doing a moderate job at this time. It would be great hearing for you that, you can polish up your skills at any moment and join for writing.

You have to get the basics of learning about writing fast. You have to know about the writing principles. You need to know about jack at the beginning, so that you can bring the attention of your readers. The more you can let them stick to your article, the more your success rate would be. It would be great and very necessary at must or mandatory that, you have to put right information at your text at this level. It is not tough at all, with the basics of the internet, you can earn a decent and strong amount of data for your article or writing. You have to put your writing skills and mixture of data simultaneously into your article.


Guru is an Indian website and a freelance platform. Basically guru is from India but it is a legitimate website and pay your real freelance money. It is free for anyone to make an account on Guru. It is relatively easy for new comers and young writers to work in Guru. It has a moderate payment rate and authentic payment gateway. This website is suggested because it has a comparatively low competition where anyone can establish their freelancing career. It is not necessary for anyone to maintain the highest standard of the world for making a writing career in Guru.

Though, you have to satisfy the clients with you basic layman quality in writing skills. There are two types of project in which you might get hired in guru. One is fixed price contract and another is hourly contract. You can make a good flow of money by working on this platform. You can do it from Bangladesh as well. It is very necessary for you to set up the transaction gateway.

Though, the initials stage is a little bit tougher but getting a job in Guru is lot less competitive than upwork or people per hour or toptal. I always recommend you to check the client’s transaction profile and previous feedback from other freelancers who have worked with that particular client.


Cloudpeeps is a highly rated platform for freelance writers. You need to have very good command on writing to earn from cloudpeeps. This is a website that deliberately gives you high earning for your content. It is great if you can arrange cloudpeeps job. You can earn up to $40 to $100 per hour for your writing work, as the last year’s writers’ earning show this data. If you have studied in a college or university, you definitely should have gained ability on freehand writing.

In this site, you can polish up your skills and earn a large sum of money. There are many categories in cloudpeeps for writing, like, content writing, b2b writing, b2c writing, story writing, ghost story writing or other custom writing jobs. You have to make sure that, you have to be able to write seamless articles or posts on cloudpeeps. If you have come lackings in your ability, please raise your bar. This can help you in the long run at your career.

Transaction Process

The transaction process is fairly simple. There are a large amount of data on our other posts about the clear processing you your earning. Though, the fairly simple process is being written here.

You need to set up a bank account on your name. Later, you have to go to the payoneer (dot) com website to gain your payoneer ID. Once you get your payoneer ID, you have to link your bank account with your payoneer ID. You have to keep it in mind that, you can register only once on payoneer. You can not have multiple ID as you have to show them valid driver’s license or national identity card or passport, in order to create an account on payoneer.


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