Free Taka Income Bkash App & Website Link 2023

Free Taka Income Bkash App & Website Link 2023

Bkash is one of the most convenient ways of withdrawing money. You don’t have to go to the bank rather just reach the nearest shop and withdraw your money. There are certainly many ways to earn and take it from Bkash shop. You do not have to pay any money for this thing and the working procedures are not troublesome.

If you follow along the article, you can know many ways, apps and websites to earn money from. There are few additional things and details that you need to know. But there is no reason to worry, the last part of this article contains all the other details you need to know.


Toloka is an online app. This app can give you very easy money and the job is not troublesome. You have the freewill to choose any of their posted job category. The most popular thing in toloka is video making. You have to make short videos on some particulars which are very easy. If you can do that with your cell phone, you would definitely get paid for that. Toloka is a Chinese company or corporation which helps educate the AI machines and get information about individuals’ thought.

Toloka is a legit app and your earning procedure is very simple. You can directly get your money in your bkash. Yes, there are few transaction related issues that you can solve easily if you are a valid citizen of the country. You can get those intricate details at the end of the article.


Clickworker is a popular app all over the world for earning huge amount of money. It has a very easy test to pass and your passing can secure you money. This money is completely transferable into your bkash account. If you are a legit citizen of Bangladesh and have a cell phone or mobile or android device (digital pad) or computer or iOS, you can jump into this platform for work. This is an American based company and very legitimate with their payment.

The glassdoor review and trustpilot report of this app is very high. If you are on the computer device, you can definitely log in from both your cell phone and computer. In computers or mac device, you have to log in through website. Both platforms are similar and anyone who can use the internet through mobile or computer can do this job.

The jobs are mostly survey related. They pay high bucks to you for doing their job. One person can earn up to $8 per hour, if they can work on clickworker. Though, you have to check the availability rate of jobs in real-time for Bangladesh.

Transcribe Me

This is an online platform from where you can earn huge amount of money if you know English. This is a very high- paying job and probably you can take care of three families in Bangladesh, if you can earn from this platform. Yes, this is definitely a legitimate site all over the world and you can get your money directly into your bkash account.

The process is very simple. You have to see videos or audios. Later on you have to write the words stated on those media. If you can do that accurately, you can earn more than 50,000 taka per month. You have to maintain 98% accuracy on your transcription rate. If you can reach 99% accuracy level on your transcription, hopefully you would be get promoted to editor within a short time. You can transcribe either verbatim or regular transcription. 

Taka Inkam

The name of the app is looking weird, isn’t it? But this app definitely pays you money. If you are from Bangladesh and want to earn money over apps, it might be a good option for you. Taka Inkam app is not enough worthy if you are doing it using cell phone network. Only if you have broadband internet, you can earn money through this app. This app is neither overrated, not hyped. You can earn a decent amount of money from this app.

You can watch video, play games and watch adds to earn money. This app pays you directly to your bkash number. Though the earning rate is slower than freelancing. You have to be very patient to earn from this app. If you think, this is easy money; I would agree but not much. It takes a lot of your time to give you earnings. You can also ask for a mobile recharge if needed.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is quite an easy way to earn money. As it gives you large amount of money, you need to do some work for it. First, you have to go to high- end products being sold recently in the market. Many of the products has affiliate links. You have to go to the product webpage and copy that affiliate link.

Later, you have to put that affiliate link on your webpage describing that product which is able to create interest within customers to buy it. If any single person within your traffic buys that product, you can get up to 35% of that product price for your advertisement. Once your goal is reached, you can withdraw your money through bkash.

Bringing Money to Bkash

You can transact each of the platform’s money to bkash. Even if you are a bona- fide freelancer, you have full freedom to earn money and move it to bkash. The first step of yours is to, set up a bank account. That bank account has to be on your name. Later, you can sign up for a payoneer account. Once the payoneer account and the bank account is ready, you have to link your payoneer account to your bank account.

At payoneer website, you have the opportunity to add your bank account with the routing number. Then you have to ask the bank to give you a debit or credit card. When you withdraw your money, your money would be sent to the bank. If your money has reached the bank, you are free to move it into your bkash account. Through bkash app, you can tie- up your bank account parallel with your bkash number. So, everytime you have your money in your bank account, you can transfer it within seconds to your bkash.

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