Best Online Income Site in Bangladesh 2023 Trusted Online Earning Site

Best Online Income Site in Bangladesh 2023 Trusted Online Earning Site

There are many income sites in Bangladesh. Every minute thousands of jobs are being posted on the internet and each Bangladeshi has the opportunity to take a shot at those projects. It is the lacking of many of us that, we do not know the right pathway. This article is a proper guideline to earn money through your services without any investment.

Afterall, a worker never have to pay. Yes, there are other sites which encourages you to invest but be sure that, those apps are malicious. You are bound to loose your money and can certainly not make a living out of it. Although, if you follow this article, you can know about legit money earning sites in Bangladesh which can pay you through any possible transaction method you wish to choose. Though you have to know about the procedure to convert money and need to know about account to account transfer.


Fiverr is a great place to earn for newcomers in online arena. Anyone can open an account in fiverr (dot) com which is free. You need to know about some skill to work in fiverr. If you want a good future out of it, you can do it. You need to take freelancing as your goal and you have to be patient at the start. In online platforms, the beginning stage is a bit tough. But as you go along the way, you would get larger projects and long term projects.

It is also very necessary to earn the trust of your client and you have to maintain a good relationship with clients. You have to think for long term projects. For this reason, you have to deliver your initial projects with great care and it is much better if you can establish good terms with your clients. If you can follow good manner and provide the jobs with good skills, the clients would be more interested to hire you again for his future projects.

Also, your profile would be shown to your clients on top of their lists or contractor search. There are many categories of freelancing sectors on fiverr. If you can choose one sector which matches your skill or learning, it would be a great intercession for your career. The programming, coding, designing or data maintenance and engineering are top paid jobs. Though, you can set different categories of your services. If you are dedicated to it like a job, you might be able to be the breadwinner of your family.

People Per Hour

People per hour is a UK based company and a very high rated one. You can earn a huge amount of money from people per hour. If you are living in Bangladesh, you can maintain a great lifestyle out of this site. This is one of the highest paying website in Bangladesh. The minimum hourly rate which you can put on your profile is $8 per hour. If you become an intermediate contractor or freelancer, you can take your hourly rate higher.

There are experienced workers on People Per Hour who works at $100 per hour. You can also demand $20 per hour in your initial stage if your portfolio and communication is good enough. There are few design showcase or portfolio sites on internet platform like behance, github, divianart, dribble, etc. If you have your portfolio ready on these profile, you can go for people per hour. It has very high rating on trustpilot and glassdoor.

The clients on this platform are very delicate. So you need to have good communication skill and precise eye on details. For earning a fat amount of money, you definitely have to take very good care to details. Your programming knowledge or designing knowledge or service knowledge has to be of high quality.

Remember my friend, working at this rate has no place for error. If you want to live like a first class standard life of world, you have to be professional in your sector. Though, everyone goes through struggle at some point. You can not loose hope but have to be more determined for your career. Hope this helps.


Working on turing is similar to working in silicon valley. You can earn more than $5,000 per month, if you get hired on turing. For working on turing platform, you need to earn a bachelor degree on computer science and engineering from a decent university in Bangladesh. If you have participated in programming contests or have relevant job experience, it can expedite your hiring. Most of the companies or clients of turing are directly related to turing.

It is a must for you to be a computer engineer in order to work on turing. Only earning a degree is not enough to work in turing but also you have to have very sound core programming skills. Your dream has to be high enough to be one of the best engineers in the world. You also have to look forward for your job and showcasing your job, because someday you would be working with silicon valley engineers. Money or earning has never been an issue on turing. This is such a place where the currency is quality and money is only a formality.


Upwork is another top earning site of Bangladesh. The procedure of upwork has been mentioned in our other articles also. Though, to let you know about the highest paying websites in Bangladesh, I am mentioning about upwork for the most convenience of your. You have the freedom to choose any service or programming category to work on upwork. This is a trusted website and you can easily transfer international currency to your pocket.

Make sure to get a payoneer debit card to transfer international money. Payoneer is an international debit card which you can use to transfer money to your bank account. From the bank account, you can also take your money in bkash or nagad or rocket. You only have to be consistent on this platform to gain your bounty.

If you are not an engineer, you can choose other websites to earn or see our other posts for your other earning opportunities. This post is mainly on highest earning sites in Bangladesh, so it has been made very specific to interested freelancers who want to reach their dream or have very ambitious goals.

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