Best Simple Secret Websites that Make Money 2023 Website List

Best Simple Secret Websites that Make Money 2023 Website List

There are many credible websites in 2022 can be a crucial year for online income in worldwide. Our country is going through a lot of financial troubles. In this situation, online income can replenish you and your country has some serious talents who has the potential to earn money online. To help those talents, I am going to show the exact right pathways to earn money with all other necessary information. Please go through the article to find details about online income sites in Bangladesh.

99 Designs

If you know about graphics design and want to earn top bounty for your talent, you can sign up in 99 designs (dot) com. This is the top rated freelancing site related to graphics design only. If you have the creativity to attract the clients with your work, you can earn up to $5,000 per month. You can open an account on 99 designs for free. At your early career, you have the opportunity to submit 10 designs per month to the contests.

After winning few contests, you would be promoted to silver level. In this level you can submit 15 contests per every 28 days. After silver leve, you have the gold level and platinum level. You can send as much designs as you want on these levels. The lowest rate of winning a contest is $199.

At silver level you would get $299 for each contest won. The gold level gives you $399 and platinum level contests values $499. Moreover, you can showcase your work on their platform and if any client get interested seeing your work, they can contact you through the platform and hire you as per custom contracts. You have the liberty to transact money through bank account or payoneer account from Bangladesh. It is fully legit website and you are free to check credibility score on glassdoor or trustpilot.


If you have a special skill, you can definitely earn a lot of money by creating quality content. Coursera is such a platform which always encourages talented people of all age. You have to shoot the video of your special skill or record your screen if it is related to technology. The technology and skills are playing a vital role in today’s development throughout the world. It would be very worthy of you if you can spend some time creating quality content, you can definitely make a happy living out of it. There are many sectors on which you can make contents.

You can teach science or record science classes or create content on sports or gaming. Moreover, the continuously sold courses on coursera are on IT topics. You can choose any of the tracks like designing or programming or database or networking or data engineering, etc.

Coursera has reach to 82 million people around the globe where thousands of visitors and buyers buy courses everyday. The earning potential from coursera is limitless. It is recommended that, you read policies of coursera before joining. The more courses you create, the more it helps you to build your recognition on this platform. You can help shape the next generation or to the development of the globe. 


Youtube is a great way to earn revenue. Recently youtube has 260 crore active users around the world. If you have the ability to showcase your skill, youtube is the easiest and most convenient way to do so. Content creation on youtube is not bound to any specific subject. You can choose any niche of your choice and start right away. Unlike coursera, you do not need to be that much specific but have to have the quality to attract viewers.

Youtube also has a great user friendly back- end from which you can see your analytics and business. If you want to gain success on youtube, you have to be dedicated and need to provide correct information or humor. Recently youtube has started a new way for content creators to earn money which is youtube shorts. Youtube shorts are very popular now and very easy to create.

You can upload small videos of funny topics or anything which people can learn from. The possibilities are endless. You do not have to be that much precise but anything relevant would do. Many people might discourage you saying, youtube needs many props or tools. You have to get high quality camera, lenses, microphone, gimbal, etc.

But, let me tell you with deep knowledge, it is never necessary to buy these expensive product. If you have talent, no one can beat you. Only a normal cell phone with camera can make you a star on youtube if you have the quality and creativity. You can also edit your videos from your cellphone with free apps like youcut, cap cut, inshot, etc.

Freelancer (dot) com

This freelancing website is simply known as freelancer. This is an australian corporation with a lot of services. You can register for free on this website and serve according to your skill. It is for everyone to register and bid on posted projects. Freelancer is the only platform where you can find highest amount of job category. The platform’s service provide true quality. If you are a freelancer and looking for new jobs to earn a living, this might be your place.

There are many jobs being posted on the website every minute. You have to write cover letter or project bid for that said project. If the client hires you, you become the contractor for that project and you would get your said amount on bid upon completion of your task.

For each of these websites, you need to have a payoneer debit account or a legit bank account on your name. If you are not eligible for a bank account or the account name does not match your original name as per the national identity card, you might get banned from services.

So, always be careful about providing real data and credentials to secure your long term career issues. If you have any more question, feel free to drop a comment or ask your query in the comment section or contact us. We would be very happy answering all of your questions individually.

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