Real Online Earning Site List that Makes Money 2023

Real Online Earning Site List that Makes Money 2023

Many people think that online money earning is tough. It is totally the opposite. Many people do not have ideas that, how much websites and apps there to give you money. You do need to know the right things first and the right ways. If you can make it to the end of this article, hopefully you would know that how the internet earning works.

Though before going to the success point, you have to know the ground rules. First of all, you are working there as a worker or engineer or contractor. So, you would earn money from your jobs. If any sites or app asks you money, be sure that; you are not going to make anything from that. Even if you can, your money would fall like stock market crash at some point.

So, the best decision to know that, you do not need to pay for your work. But, yes, you have to know some skills. If you do not have skills, you need a purpose to serve on. It is very simple and clear that, with your skill or service or effort, you would get paid. The money would land on your doorstep if needed or in bkash or bank account.

The websites or apps from which you can earn, are given in a logical order if you understand.


Upwork is the reason for many bangladeshi citizen to reach the highest levels of earning from a disrupted country where they can afford things at cheaper rate. You can work from anywhere in your country to work on this. Upwork has many job categories if you like to explore.

If you can learn any skill like programming or designing or content creation or virtual assistantship or data entry or article writing or database management or database maintenance or data analysis or data engineering or platform related work or api maintenance or back- end maintenance or bug fixing or cyber security or seo or online business maintenance or online client maintenance.

To satisfy any of these reasons, you have to be dedicated to your work. If you do not have enough patience and hard work, you can not make large bucks. If you think you can earn huge amount of nothing, i’m sorry my friend, there rises a question about your ethics. But definitely you can earn some money with less knowledge and less work, the later part of this article contain information about that.


Udemy is the home of 3.5 crore or 35 million paid subscriber. 65,000 workers or teachers or instructors are making their living from Udemy. The have open positions for new instructors. If you have the ability to make courses on something, you can join Udemy (dot) com. Even if you are a homemaker and you have free time to do something, you can definitely make courses on your learned subjects. You can make videos on cooking or anything that you have learned from your study career.

If you are confused about some of the skills, you can definitely learn new skills and teach them there. Remember, there is always chances of improvement. You can learn from youtube and other sites or anyone who knows these things, you can archive all of them. Later, you have to learn them soundly. Then, you have to teach or deliver all those learnings infront of a camera. It does not matter if your camera or equipments are of high quality.

You just need to teach the things which you have learnt from your archive. The right quality of delivery is the key. Average salary of an udemy instructor ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 per month. The best thing for any Bangladeshi who are willing to get a higher standard of life or work freelance, you can teach on your subject which you have learnt in your study life. If not on udemy, I would suggest youtube or coursera or any other platform.


Pluralsight is within world’s top 5 learning or teaching platform. You can work in pluralsight and earn your money by bkash. Right now pluralsight has more than 7,000 courses. If you think yourself as a pluralsight author or contributor (pluralsight calls their content creator “Author), you can reach that point. You have to put your attention and dedication towards your content. Pluralsight’s payment is very high. The average earning of a pluralsight author or royalty is, $40,000 per month.

You have the freewill to choose from many different subjects. According to your learning and profession or passion or interest or education, you can create good content on pluralsight. There are more than one million people who buy courses from pluralsight and the buyers are placed over more than 150 countries around the globe. If you start creating contents on pluralsight, you have a huge amount of success rate.

Earning With Small Effort

There are many apps over the internet from which you can earn money. Those apps are free and you can earn money with almost no effort. But the payments are considerably low. If you wish to spend your time relentlessly doing nothing, there would be some payment which is not high as the sites mentioned above. Few money earning apps are like Taka Inkam, 2captcha, megatypers, microworkers, etc.

How To Transfer Money To Your Bkash Account Or Bank Account

It is very important to know about the process of getting the money. You have to set up a bank account and connect it to bkash. Then you have to put your bank account details in your Payoneer account from payoneer (dot) com. You can make all the transactions from above mentioned high end sites via payoneer.

Success Tips

In order to get succeeded in course creation or freelancing services, you have to put effort like a real job. If you want to get paid easily, the earning would be less and you can not secure a profession or living out of that. You have to accept that, success has no short cut. You have to be soulfully dedicated to earn or reach that point of success. It is a rule of thumb which you can see at each corner of the planet.

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