Online Income BD Website Link & App Download for Free 2023

Online Income BD Website Link & App Download for Free 2023

Nowadays, there are many available options in Bangladesh for freelancing. Everyday, thousands of legit projects are asking for freelancers and more than half a million people of Bangladesh are earning through the internet. It is not a hard nut to crack, if you have legitimate working ability. Even being a layman does not hurt your income as long as you are dedicated to this job. It is necessary for you to learn any skill for your earning.

You would get paid for that service that you have acquired skills on. Moreover, you need to have some decent communication skills and common internet knowledge. If you think, you have all this; you can proceed for online income without any money. Afterall you would get paid for your effort so why the worker would have to pay! Think about it. Now, if you are determined to earn from BD or Bangladesh or any other country, follow along the post to know about all the process to take your online income.


Fiverr is the most popular online website in BD to earn money. Many young freelancer and students from Bangladesh have made a good career from Fiverr. Fiverr mainly runs through gig. Many people are confused about their gigs. For them it is to remind that, making a gig is not a tough process. You can very easily create a gig and get a job if you can follow the said procedure written beneath. First, you have to make few demo projects on your chosen topic.

Then you need to arrange them like showcasing your work. If you submit your gig with accuracy and intricacy, you are supposed to get few jobs. Many veteran freelancers recommend that, it is not the quantity of the product but the quality of the product which make you eligible to get hired.

Simply to put, quality over quantity. There is another very delicate thing that I need to discuss, it is the description of the gig. In this case, you can neither be ostentatious nor be a doormat. You have to provide a humble overview of your service with precision. When the gigs are ready, you need to upload it in fiverr platform and wait for the response of clients. It is also very important to stay a lot of time online, which attracts clients to knock you and get a real- time feedback.

Even if you are working on your pc, it is better to keep the fiver tab open with top z- index and an active open tab. The fiverr also has a buyer request option where you can get job postings. If you are not getting proposals from buyers or clients, it is recommended to visit the buyer request area. You can withdraw money from fiverr via payoneer debit card or bank account.


Upwork is a top earning site and the choice of top quality freelancers. Each child of Bangladesh who has established their profile in upwork, have contributed to nation’s development. For a freelancer who is living in Bangladesh, Upwork can secure their spot on top of the society. Verily not only in Bangladesh but also an upwork freelancer can live anywhere in the world with full comfort. You have to learn about a skill before working in upwork.

Also you have to gain full communication skill and interpersonal skills on English. You have to remember, great reward comes at a price. So, you have to be dedicated on your line of work. Communication is also a key to success on upwork. You need to write good cover letters while writing a proposal for project. If you can get an hourly project, you do not need to worry about writing a proposal again and again.

Hence, it is again required to mention that, you need to activate your payoneer account for any withdrawal of money from upwork. Previously upwork supported skrill but now it is not accepted within their valid payment method. If you do not know about payoneer activation, please follow our other post where you can find all about opening about payoneer account.

Captcha Typing

Captcha typing is one of the easiest way to earn money. You just need to know about basic typing and basic internet usage. First you have to register on captcha sites and you can start right away. Though the payment there is not too high. I can recommend you few websites or apps which you can work on. Those are kolotibablo, megatypers, protypers, 2captcha, virtualbee, etc.

Website Monetization

There are many types of website monetization services that runs advertisement on your webpage and give you a fair share of their profit. There are few alternatives but Google Adsense is the best way to gain advertisement from your website. If your website content gets monetized by Google Adsense, it would be a huge plus for you in terms of advertisement revenue. Though, there is nothing to worry about if you do not get acquainted with Adsense right away.

There are few alternatives. Those are like, propeller ads, skimlinks, infolinks, adversal,, amazon native shopping ads, etc. The process of earning revenue from web advertisement is pretty simple. First your job is to find a niche to write about. When your subject matter is ready, you have to get an website or free blogging platform. Finally you have to put your contents on the webpage and put advertisement HTML on any corner or part of the webpage.

If you get monetized by google adsense or any other company, you are going to earn money from your website traffic. The traffics view the adverts or reroutes to those pages, gives you profit. This is one type of passive income which means, you can earn even when you sleep. Your quality content and service is the key to grab your viewers or traffics. You also need to do the SEO in some part while keeping subjective service on top priority.

There are many other ways to secure your online income by website and you do not even need to go anywhere or work at any specific time. The above- mentioned ways are the best way to shoot the stars. If you need information about other ways, feel free to reach us via dropping your comment and we would reach to you as soon as possible with pleasure.

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