Trusted Online Earning Sites in Bangladesh in 2023

Trusted Online Earning Sites in Bangladesh in 2023

Bangladesh have many online Earning sites right now. The most feasible or easy jobs are written on other posts, and this post is about some new thoughts to the Bangladeshi freelancers to give hope for and they can choose any direction to make money somehow. You have to think yourself as a worker.

As in the real world, you have to do some job to earn money or give yourself a mode of sustenance for ensuring a good income. Also similar to the real world, you have to perform some job or ability. The only difference is that, you have to perform it in front of a real camera. If you can learn the process, you can definitely succeed in your earnings. Read through the article to get new and interesting ideas about trusted online earning sites in Bangladesh.


Many people think that YouTubing is hard. But with the help of the youtube shorts, youtube can give any bangladeshi tiktoker or small media performers; a lot more earning opportunities. With a normal camera, you can make a 10 seconds shorts. It can give you money with no budget cost at all. Also, you can work from anywhere in the country. There are more chances even in the villages, you can do all of this from sitting on a ground or making some small jokes.

You can also teach people about your previous stories. You can share a ghost story with people of the world just beside a river. You can tell your experiences to the world or to bangladesh, from which people can get fun on or make some small adjustments. It can benefit your financial condition in a large scale. It is also better at this moment of crisis that, Bangladesh can earn some currency also. If you want to make it better, you definitely have the chance to make it better as much as you can. You can shoot indoor or outdoor and as per your chosen length according to your ability.


The average income of a twitch performer ranges between $3000 to $5000. Twitch is an excellent platform for any performer of bangladesh. You have a vast range of opportunities to choose a streaming subject from anywhere in Bangladesh. Your streaming performance should be long. You have to twitch 8 hours per month and you have to stream 7 days on a monthly basis. The most important thing in twitch is the flow of your performance.

You have to take the responsibility of shooting for few hours. I am not saying it is easy. But, if you can earn $3,000 from Bangladesh, it can be a life changing option for you. You can definfitely earn more than that, I am not unencouraging anyone. Just with your acting or gaming or storytelling ability can give you the chance to earn a five star condition living from Bangladesh.

You have to groom your speech, which is very easy for a middle class family person or woman of any age, if they have a decent amount of study. For any Bangladeshi freelancer, it is much easy to bring your money into debit or credit card. It is no big deal. You just have to setup your bank account and the best gateway or transaction method in twitch is wire transfer or direct bank transfer.

The whole transaction process need about 3-5 days. Though, you need to validate your income on twitch for a month. It is to take a look on your consistency. It is almost like a monthly job. Albeit, it is much more convenient than a monthly job. The minimum payment threshold starts from $50 to $100 at any given moment. Though, follow along the article to know more about easy and advanced option.

Facebook Content

If you think, you have the wish to act from your childhood like when you used to grow up watching TV and cinemas, you have each and every possibility to use your potential and make facebook or youtube content. You need to make funny content or informative content for your videos. The earning possibilities on facebook is similar to youtube if you can paddle on to the first landing. You can trust yourself more day by day. Whatever happens, you have to be consistent to create content and totally give up the shyness while you are infront of the camera or performing.

Payment Processing Method

For the transaction or payment, you have to be very legit with your credentials or data. The first thing is, you have to open a bank account with your credible name or NID or driver’s license. You can not manipulate your data at any point and has to be totally precise about your name, address and other details. Your most favourable option for bringing the money should be wire transfer or bank transfer or payoneer. Payoneer is a common international debit card.

For any Bangladeshi man or woman, payoneer is the best option to bring your money home. The most dangerous or cautios thing is, you have only one chance in your life to secure a payoneer card. You can not give any false data. Once you miss this step, your career could be limited of choices to move into other platform. On the payoneer site, you have the option to select up to three bank accounts from anywhere in the world. You need your bank information and routing number of that bank to secure full payment.

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