Daily 500 Taka Income Online Bangladesh in 2023

Daily 500 Taka Income Online Bangladesh in 2023

It is not that much tough or challenge for a Bangladeshi to earn 500 taka daily. It has two ways where you can achieve all these without any type of investment. You can get 500 taka if you have a proper pc device and internet connection. The other option is, you have to use multiple devices together to see ads and to earn some money from apps. In this article, I am showing you the ways to earn money with a proper step-by-step guidelines.


Microworkers is worldly trusted website and app from which you can earn about $8-$10 which is way more than 500 taka per day. Go with the article to know about all the details, so that as a Bangladeshi citizen can earn this amount of money if proper steps taken. You have to open an account on this platform with your microsoft id or gmail id. It is always better for you to open a fresh microsoft id from-  signup (dot) live (dot) com.

This can help you to access to more amount of jobs. It is a hard reminder that, you keep your name and address and all the other details as per your National ID Card. If you make an error while filling up your data form, you would face problem while taking the money in your account. After opening the account, you have to go to the jobs tab from your mobile internet or pc device. There you would see a list of jobs which are available for you.

You have to see the percent rate of job success. Any job having a good rate of success rate, take that job first. You have a time limit from within which you have to complete the task. You would be told to make accounts on different platforms or to comment with a little bit of adjustment to earn the reward money of this job. With a very basic english knowledge, someone can do these jobs.

Please do not go to overdo the procedure because, it can kick you out of the jail and out of the country as well. You just have to earn money from micro workers (dot) com and not from anywhere else. So, if you go to process money without the legitimate procedure of microworkers, you can loose all your money and account in this case. So, do only you are told to and keep the screenshot or record of the job completion within the specific time.

You are under the jurisdiction of Government Republic of Bangladesh and also under all financial laws of the United States of America. You just have to earn in an honest manner and don’t keep other thoughts which would create more distraction from your job. You would definitely loose the job success rate from this profession. So, earn money honestly and many of you might not have thought earning honest money of this kind such easily.

Any Bangladeshi student can do it while they are on vacation and it might not hurt the effort. You can also learn regulation in terms of work for your future prospects. Though, you have to put a decent amount of attention while doing the job. You have to read the clients’ request or directions carefully and have to follow each steps while doing the tasks. The more tasks you do, the more you would be able to see much better job opportunities. If you have opened account on facebook before, you can do your job in this platform too.

You do not need any special skills to earn from this but you have to work with patience and dedication. Remember, if you loose your continuous hard work, you can not make a good earning from it. This process has to be continuous and with dedication. If you take it as a part time job, you definitely can. But, you can not make a career out of it and you have to think of better job opportunities in the future. You might have to settle the amount of money with a much lower rate if you lag in the process of job completion.

Now comes the part to withdraw the money. For this reason, you have to open a bank account in your name. Then, you have to open your account at- payoneer (dot) com. You can only make one payoneer account in your life and want to process your money from freelancing or any other online payment from Bangladesh. This is the most legitimate way which is accepted in only valid freelance platforms from Bangladesh. If you take any other payment option, many of the other freelance platform transaction would get properly limited in this case. 

Verily, you have more job options with much better payment but you have to learn some skills for that. I am encouraging because if you love computing and want a five star living in Bangladesh, you have all the ways open by searching it on youtube. Many of our contents have better job opportunities through computer learning.

Fiverr and Upwork

These two platforms have contributed making a career opportunity for many of the Bangladeshi freelancers. Most of Bangladeshi revenues that come from outside the country, the come at a price of hard earned valuable effort of computing freelancers of Bangladesh.

Anyone can open an account on both of them and can start their work right away. You just have to learn a skill or service like transcription or data entry or wordpress or article writing or blogging or virtual assistant or engineering or designing or database management, voice over, typing documents, cv making, content creating or cooking or acting for a company or any other job assigned by your client.

Bringing the money in your account

After opening your account on payoneer (dot) com, you have to put your name, address, postal code, country, country code, phone number, and most importantly your bank account number and rerouting number. You can find the rerouting number by searching it with your bank and area name on google, example- national bank routing number dhaka; bank asia routing number rajshahi.


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