Free Money Earning App Without Investment 2023

Free Money Earning App Without Investment 2023

There are many money earning apps all over the internet. These apps pay you real money in return of some small tasks. These tasks are very easy and convenient as a part- time income. Please follow along the article to know all about free money earning apps without any investment.

Taka Income – টাকা ইনকাম

Taka income app’s name come in the first place while it is related to true money directly into your bkash account without any hesitation. It is also possible to withdraw your money with bank account or other payment methods like nagad, rocket or cell phone recharge. Though there is a major drawback, if you proceed with full intent. This app is tiresome at a great extent. You need to dedicate many hours in this app.

If it is not possible for you to waste a lot of time for this app, it would be of no use if else it is not penny. You can not definitely earn a lot of money from this app and if you are not using wi-fi, I would recommend not to go for this app. If you want to make a living out of this thing, please forget it. It is much suitable for students of younger age who are enjoying vacation. It might pay your internet bill for your add watching or other petty issues.


Toloka app is a chinese app and totally credible. You can get your money from your bank account but before that you have to apply for a payoneer card. If you can not get your payoneer card, it is not possible for you to clear any other payment method. Indeed it is very easy to set up your payoneer account which is largely valuable all over the trusted platforms. Though it is very significant to remember that, it is a largely valued service and you need all of your credentials at your disposal.

You would need at least your national identity card and that surely has to be a valid one. Also you have to remember that, your age has to be more than 18 years and has to have a valid bank account. After you complete all these procedures, you can go to the official page of payoneer and create an account there.

Moreover, you have to be cautious while putting on the data because; you can not create another account by your name for the rest of your life. Payoneer gives you one chance only. If you are from outside of Bangladesh or some country which allows Paypal, you can opt in for Paypal rather than payoneer.

Now, if your payment method is cleared, you have to know the pattern of the tasks in toloka. These are very easy and tiny tasks. You have to do some basic data entry and basic video production. If you are suited with these kinds of tasks, surely toloka would be a good fit.

Honey Gain

Honey Gain is such an app where you can earn money for almost doing nothing. Though it takes a long time to withdraw the money or amount but it is earning for nothing. It is a recent platform that opened recently. It is very unique idea from the makers of the app and let me introduce you the features of this app. This app is very useful and provides you money if you have a broadband internet connection.

This connection allows others users or servers to use your shared internet and in return they offer you a chunk of money. This is not tiring at all. The more devices you share the internet with, the more you earn. Moreover, you would get additional $5 while you sign up. Simultaneously, you have to keep the internet and the app one. This way, small bits of amounts would be included into your account every day.

It gives you money but remember, you have to wait for a quite long time. Even while you sleep, you can earn the fair price as much as while you were awake. It does not harm your comfort neither asks you to do anything. From my point of views, i can only say you that, your battery drainage would be about 5% more. Albeit, I hope, those who stay in house and use a stable internet connection, they don’t have to think about this silly hitch.


Microworkers is another legitimate app which can avail you up to $5 per day. You need to have some basic concepts of internet surfing and internet accessories. These are tiny tasks and your payment is considerably higher comparing other apps. It is possible that you may earn $50-$100 per month if you work for 4- 5 hours per day. If you can consider a larger time span for this app and your tasks, you might even earn higher.

Incase of microworkers, your payment withdraw method is payoneer, skrill, debit card, credit card, dwolla and American Express. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. If you can work hard on this, you can make a percent of your living from it which is good for many third world countries. These tasks are very easy like, youtube commenting, liking, sharing, account opening in different places and finally any sort of tasks posted on the available job section.

Captcha Solving App (kolotibablo, captchatypers, megatypers, 2captcha)

There are many captcha solving apps on the internet. If you are a hardcore hard worker, you can think about captcha solving apps. This is such a process that can not be automated via artificial intelligence. For this reason, big website companies hire captcha solvers to ease the access of their visitors. Many people think that it is not a valid process but let me assure you that, this type of work is not illegal and grants you the stated fees.

You have to solve some images or type some distorted words in these apps. But remember, you can not afford to do many mistakes which might end up resulting you putting in a permanent or temporary ban. If you are careful enough and a hard worker, you can definitely earn some money out of these apps.

These apps pay you by solving 1000 captchas and payment is $0.35- $1.5 per thousand captchas solved. It takes about 2-3 hours minimum to solve thousand captchas and the payment varies from site to site. Moreover, some platforms give you higher rates depending on their load of traffic or prime time.

Hope one of these tasks suits your range of choice and answers your query. If you have any more question of asking about some more money earning app, you can drop a comment in our comment box. We always appreciate your concern and hope to meet the best of your interests.

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