Free Dollar Earning Apps Without Investment in 2023

Free Dollar Earning Apps Without Investment in 2023

There are many ways to earn through Apps without any investment and the good news is, that those apps are completely free. First, you have to choose the type of apps from which you want to earn money. There are several categories. You can pick your category and download free apps from Google Play Store or App Store. You can work at flexible time at your convenience and also you can start right away. You just need to register on those apps and get started.

The App works are very easy to complete and fun to do. So there is no need to worry about hard work or excess complexity. If it is to recommend, the survey apps are the most convenient for most of the people. Information about free dollar earning apps and the procedure to proceed are explained in this article.


Swagbucks is one of the highest-rated survey apps. Though you have to check the availability of swagbucks in your country first. If it is available, you can open an account in Swagbucks to get reward for each completed survey. The swagbuck app does not only pay for survey but also it has many other tasks like playing games, watching videos, earning cash back for online marketing etc. They have a vast inventory of tasks which lets you suit according to your interest or skills.

Moreover, you can get a bonus amount of $10 for your sign up. You have the payment method of paypal at your disposal. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $3 which is very low and also you can select your chosen gift card of any amount that you have in your account.


G2 is one of the best review sites on the internet regarding high end paid software and internet services. Most of the people who buy premium software, choose to take a close look at G2 reviews. If you want to earn from G2, you have to provide your review about the pros, cons and overview of a software. There is an additional requirement which is: you have to have a valid license or you need premium access to that software.

If the software or API or service is free like google earth, google drive, google docs, etc; it is enough for you to just have a membership or valid sign-up on that platform. The meatiest part of reviewing in G2 is their payment. If your post is approved on G2, you are going to get paid anywhere between $8- $20 for your every review. So, if you can provide a unique view or opinion about the listed services or softwares of G2; you would be granted for a good reward.


Clickworker is a survey site and available throughout the globe. Clickworker can let you earn around a thousand dollars per month which is a handsome earning. In general, you can earn about $8 per hour from clickworker. Though there is something that you have to do on your part. Clickworker verifies real human being with real credentials. For this reason, they ask every worker to pass the UHRS test. UHRS stands for Universal Human Relevance System.

If you can pass UHRS test, you are eligible to work on clickworker and earn money at ease. You have to take part in surveys in order to earn money. Clickworker is fully legit. I might say about one drawback about clickworker that, enough jobs might not be available at your region everytime you log into the app. So, don’t miss the opportunities when a new survey becomes available.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a fun app. It is really amazing that, while growing up we did not even think of earning dollars this easy. Inbox Dollar pays you to read emails sent to your email id. You have to sign up with your valid email and justifiable data. After joining, you would get emails every day and your job is to read those emails. They do not have any point system rather they pay you in real dollar. You would get a $5 amount of sign up bonus and the minimum withdrawal amount is $30.

Survey Monkey Rewards

Survey Monkey is a real easy app to earn dollar without investment. You have to complete surveys to earn. Hundreds of business companies establish connection with survey monkey to gain an insight about customers data and likings. It makes the companies or business corporations improve their services, profit and assumption.

It is tested that, anyone can earn more than $10 from survey monkey. The amount of effort it asks for the reward is much less while the earning is very high. Even after all these, there is a major drawback of this app; that is, people do not have enough jobs available at all times. This makes it tougher to earn money even if you are willing to earn.

The minimum withdrawal amount for survey monkey is $5. You can also redeem your finances via amazon gift card. It is not necessary at all but there is an additional option for you to donate some of your money to charity.


Dosh is an excellent app in terms of passive income. It does not ask you to do any type of work rather that initial sign up procedure. It is one of the best app from which you can cat off a fat amount from your everyday spending. You just have to sign up into Dosh with your debit or credit card and you are eligible for reward. Next time you make an online purchase or place an online order, you have to pay it via Dosh. Dosh give you large amount of discount from each purchase made from their app or platform.


This is a pretty good app if you want a free app that pays you money for your work. It is free for all to sign up in DoorDash. After you sign up, you get the liberty to deliver restaurant or food court orders to the destination points. You might need a bicycle or bike or car of your own to deliver those orders. Your working hour is flexible and as per your choice. After you complete the delivery, you would be eligible for the granted reward.

There are many more ways to earn through app and websites. If any of these does not suit you, please take a look at other post of ours. Also you can ask for content of your choice. If you have some question, feel free to reach us.

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