Online Income BD Payment Bkash 2023

Online Income BD Payment Bkash 2023

There are many ways to get paid in Bkash. Bkash is one of the most convenient way to get money in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people prefer Bkash because, they have the most branches around the country with their reach. The most amount of transaction centers in Bangladesh take the help of Bkash. Most of the shops have this service who provide balance in phone have bkash service on their phone.

There might be only 1% online retailer does not use the service of Bkash. This is an online app and the app is completely free in the internet. You have to go to google play store and type bkash. This way you can know all about the app bkash. First you have to choose the bkash app and install it on your phone. If you have verified your validity on bkash previously, you can definitely put your information on the app and can use the full access of the app. The end of the article contains the procedure to send money into your bkash account from any platform. Stick to the end to know about the transaction process.


Fiverr could be a very interesting way to earn money for Bangladeshi Citizen. If someone wish to earn something from the fiverr web service or web app, they have to learn first. You have to learn about some skill or some kind of service that you can serve to the clients from all around the goal. In the recent times, fiverr has been much popular in the west due to quality services by spending a very little amount of dollars.

The services start from only mere 5 bucks where it can go higher if you want to hire credited freelancers. The price range vary from service to service but you can get all the relevant services starting from $5. As the clients do not expect a lot of quality from these freelancers, so you can do a bit better with your limited quality. The most important thing is, you have to start learning day by day.

The more experience you gather, the more good feedback you can expect from the client. Though, you have to learn the basic communication skill and have to communicate successfully regarding the contracts. The contracts can also be a fixed price contract where you have to convince the client with your knowledgable words. Remember, always respect your clients’ perspective truely and suggest only if it is needed. Though, the last fact is, you can not make yourself a doormat while talking or processing regarding a contract.


Kolotibablo is an online app where you can type captchas. The captcha typing process is very simple. In this app, you have to register first with your information and mail address. After that, you would be give few kinds of captchas to solve from. The captchas are either in distorted letters or a simple puzzle solving. You can do it from your android or iOS device. You would be given a specific amount of time for solving each captcha. If you can not solve it within that time, you would be given a reminder and would be presented with a new captcha.

You have other options there like changing the current captcha or this is not a captcha. The payment rate is quite low in kolotibablo but this is the most trusted captcha app present nowadays. It is an indian company but provide legitimate earnings. Though, you have to be careful about typing in wrong captchas, which may affect your profile and could result in a temporary or permanent ban.

You have the option to withdraw your money by webmoney or perfectmoney. These are two most valid option in Bangladesh. Moreover, you have to link your bkash account with webmoney or perfectmoney for transaction. Please avoid cryptocurrency sites, because you can loose all the money at any given moment and this can be a cybercrime in Bangladesh.

Captcha Wala

Captcha wala is a new android app. It is available over google play store. You have opportunity to download it for free. The only task you have to do is to register there and start work. The tasks are either image captcha or normal captcha. Many captcha typing sites have options like, completing two captchas at a time. Though, you have to maintain the balance of accuracy and can not afford to do any mistakes. If you are doing a fair bit of mistakes, you can be banned from the site anytime. Making few mistakes can result in a temporary ban but being banned several times can upshot a permanent ban.

Captcha Typing Work- Work From Home

This is a legitimate app and maintaining a 4.5 rating in google play store. It refers that, this app is a good choice for online income in BD. You have the free will to type as many captchas as possible. The income from captchas differ from time to time. The pick hour of internet browsings in the west define the highest amount of captcha payment. The payment also varies from app to app or site to site. You have to put a huge amount of time to earn some money from captcha work. This procedure is easy but very tiresome and needs relentless work. Many people get frustrated from this kind of tasks because the payment is much much poor in terms of efforts.

Payment Processing

The captcha app payments are easy to accomplish. You have to set a bank account or bkash account first. The money would be transferred to the webmoney or perfectmoney or payeer or payza account. All of them have either direct payment to bkash or you have to use a third party for processing your money to bkash. It would be better for you, if you can set up your transaction credentials from a pc device. Once the transaction process is set, you can add up your baksh number with that transaction platform. This give you a parallel flow of money within the platforms.

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