Online Income BD Payment Nagad 2023

Online Income BD Payment Nagad 2023

Nagad has become a popular method of money transactions in recent times. The reason behind being this app more popular is because of the lowest payment processing charge. Most of the online payment options prefer bank transactions or Payoneer to bank transactions. Anyone can easily use nagad as their transaction method when they get the money at their bank. In case of online earning, bank processing might need a routing number of the bank.

After your successful transaction to the bank, you can take your money directly into your nagad number. There are also other sites from which you can ask your money to get in nagad but you need a second party payment processing option like payeer, perfectmoney, webmoney etc. In this article, I am going to show you that, how a normal citizen of bangladesh can earn money and get it in nagad. The last part of the article contain information about money processing to nagad and the places from which you can get the money in your name.

Be A Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is like being a clerk. The only difference is that, the clerk would do the task virtually or online. Many companies need online assistants or virtual database to look after. General data entry processing also fall in the category of being a virtual assistant. Anyone can get a job of virtual assistant if they have basic internet surfing knowledge and basic computer knowledge. These knowledges can give an individual a salary like $5-$10 per hour or may be more than that.

This range of salary is for the classic freelance platforms. There are few easier freelance sectors where your works are bought in terms of a contract or a limited period. Though these tasks are not bad either because, you can earn a good client feedback as well as international foreign currency. If you can gather few good feedback from the clients, you would have more chances to get larger contracts and contracts on a frequent basis.

Be a Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is an easy skill to get a hold of. Learning the graphic design and working on the graphic design sector is a lot different. You can learn the skill within a month or two by watching videos of youtube. Though, if you want to work on the freelance market, you have to grow your creativity. There is a huge difference between copying a design and making a design by your own. You have to keep an eye on recent design trends, have to run a brainstorm to find a new design which goes with the business of the client.

Holding the graphic quality within is the most important thing. You can follow sites like behance and dribble to get a knowledge about the highest standards in graphic design markets. You have to remember, each of the customers are froma different industry. They want their design to be done on the basis of their needs but you have to research for days about that particular business model’s design colors and structural preference.

Be an Article Writer

Article writing is very easy for a Bangladeshi. It is not much different than daily essay writing during the class hours or answering the questions on higher levels of study. The only difference is, you have to know few more basic rules for writing. You can search these things on the internet.

When you have got a hold of these qualities, you need to polish up your language skills. With these efforts combined, you can be an article writer. An article writer also have to be precise about information which are mostly given by the clients or easily available on the internet.

Be a Website Designer

People think that, the website designs are very tough to understand but it is not quite true. Nowadays, there are many predefined platforms from which you can maintain the back end of the website and design from there. These platforms are like wordpress, weebly, jimdo, mozello, blogger, etc. For learning about website designing, you have to learn basic HTML, CSS, Javascript and preferably Bootstrap.

There are many guidelines on the internet and also in the youtube from which you can learn these. Designing is an easy skill, it does not require programming. You only have to know the coding. I think, learning these skills can give you more benefit on the long term. You can also find local contracts around your city or country or with your contacts. These small contracts can make you more suitable for the virtual industry and the international industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a good thing to learn and earn. It is called SEO in short. The work is very easy like data entry but the job is tedious. One has to maintain a great amount of patience and amount of data input in right places. SEO also need the help of good articles to take the website higher in ranks. SEO is done to pull a website higher in google search rank. It needs the help of blog posting in other websites, backlinking, commenting, redirection, link pasting, etc. This is a combined effort of a lot of small tasks.

Money Earning Process

You can get a list of available open jobs or contracts in the listed websites following. You have to open account in any one or several of them after learning a specific skill and apply at the open contracts. The clients can hire you from the proposals if they like your cover letter. Few of those freelance websites or platforms from which you can earn the money are, upwork, freelancer, fiverr, guru, solidgigs, konker, we work remotely, simply hired, seo clerk,, 10x management, toptal, people per hour, envato, etc.

BD Payment by Nagad From Online Income

First, one has to open an account for the only active international freelance debit card available for Bangladeshi general citizens. The card name is payoneer. One has to get an account in payoneer to collect these money. Remember, you only have one chance in your life to make an account in payoneer. After your account opening, you have to put your relevant bank information and routing number in the payoneer platform.

You also have to put your payoneer credentials in the freelance platform from which you are earning. Upon successful withdrawal from the freelance platform, you can send it to bank and with a nagad app & account, you can get the money directly to your nagad account.

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