Free Online Jobs For Students Without Investment Daily Payment in 2023

Free Online Jobs For Students Without Investment Daily Payment in 2023

Typing is a good way to earn money for students. Typing is an easy task and does not require higher quality. Anyone from Bangladesh can earn money online by typing without investment. In this article, I would show the free online jobs for students without investment by the help of their typing and English knowledge. One has to learn about typing first without seeing the keyboard. If someone can learn the skill, this would be much better for them in the future and they can save a huge amount of time span during their career.

There are many processes to earn money from the internet by typing. If you want to earn money, learn the typing skills. You can do it for free. You can download typing softwares free from sites like filehippo, cnet, softonic, etc. It would be much easy for you typing on the keyboard than cell phone. Cell phone typing money earning is also possible and the article’s last section belong to that. The forward paragraphs are about high-end money earning opportunity.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are much easily available on the internet. The challenge you have to face is achieving the jobs or get hired for those contract. The data entry processing is very simple. You have to input a set of data as inputs. There would be separate fields assigned as per the data type and you have to put the data accordingly. Most of the data entry contract has a different database.

You have to work on the front end of the database where you can put information only, if you are on a higher rank; you might be given the opportunity to statisticize those data or bring a successful result regarding the hypothesis. These kind of jobs are also available on the freelance platforms or captcha platforms. If you are looking to get a captcha job, you can see our other posts related to captcha data entry and learn to earn money from them.

Article Writing

Article writing job is a very easy job for Bangladeshi students. They can use their teachings in their writings and open blogs. People can share their views in the article or meet the demand of the article as per the contact statement. Getting a contract in article writing is not that much hard. You have to get a basic knowledge on English and you can apply to the freelance contracts to get hired. The contract application is just like an application for a job.

If the client like your cover letter, your previous job feedback and your works, they can hire you. To get hired for a contract, you have to make friendly conversation with the client regarding the job details. Once agreed upon, the client might hire you for the contract with a binding of specific deadline (in terms of time). You have to finish the article in timely manner. You have to maintain a good quality in your article to get good feedbacks and these feedbacks can help you getting further jobs.

The beginning time in freelancing is a little bit tough but once you start getting success, you can get contracts on a regular basis or above that. There are many websites from which you can earn a contracts and I am stating few of the top sites which would be most suited for you. (a) freelancer (dot) com (b) upwork (dot) com (c) fiverr (dot) com (d) guru (dot) com (e) peopleperhour (dot) com, etc.

As an article writer, you also need to know the basic factors of search engine optimization. Like, you client might ask you to put a specific keyword density which can suggest the percentage of headline present in the article as stated percentage. It would be great, if you could learn about the basic writing principles like putting the heading, then overview, summary, body, flow, maintenance, drawing a conclusion, maintaining the relevance, etc.

B2B and B2C Writing

These writing are successful on both freelance sectors and personal sectors. B2B writing is focused on writing as a business owner to serve or to make contract with other business owners. These are one of the most scrutinized type of writing and each words bear a huge amount of value. In these article, few words can change the condition of the serving company to a new standard with lifting the workers’ living standards & country’s benefit simultaneously.

B2B writings have to mention the serving company’s benefits in such a way that, the clients could understand their benefits from the proposal. This kind of writings are not very hard, the writer just have to focus on a good introduction and maintaining the flow of information in a smooth day.

So not more like that, B2C writings are relatively easy. The writers with moderate quality can write these writings. The writers have to attract the customers of a company rather than other company. You have to give full information of the product with relevant infographics (if necessary) for getting the full customer contentment.

You can either publish a blog or website to write these writings and earn a decent amount of profit given by the B2C company. B2B and B2C writers can get a job in freelance platforms as well. Though, an individual has to put full attention in a patient manner to get first few contract. Later, the previous job experiences and feedback help a freelancer to grow a successful career. FYI, the other name of B2C writing individually is affiliate marketing.


Transcription is another type of earning method from typing. The method need some extra ability to earn from which is listening to voices clearly. If someone can listen to an audio or video and document the stated words, they can become successful in the transcription sites. There are a bunch of transcription sites on the internet.

You just have to pick up the right site with your convenient payment processing method. You also have to maintain an accuracy percentage of 95% or above. Preciseness is a key here. For those who like to get their payment in payoneer, they can try for transcribeme (dot) com.

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